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Pragmatic, Tailored, Approachable

"Hire a consultant? Seriously? That's probably going to be really expensive! Will he actually listen to us and not just throw down a one-size-fits-all solution? What if he just doesn't get our technology stack? And I'll probably have to do a bunch of paperwork and make a long-term commitment before we even know if he can help!"

I know these fears. I've been on projects that hired these kinds of "consultants". It was a hassle and they ended up creating more problems than they solved.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Consulting done right can actually save you time and money, and steer you around costly pitfalls. Indeed, sometimes outside expertise and guidance is exactly what you need to move forward with confidence.


So, what if you could hire a consultant who...

  • only gets paid if you get real value
  • addresses your specific needs
  • didn't require a long-term commitment
  • was easy to schedule

What if there was no risk or hassle?


Hi, I'm Mike

... and that's exactly how I do consulting!

The truth is, I'm just too pragmatic to do it any other way. Like you, I want to minimize risk and overhead so we can move straight to the important stuff: getting you great results. I do consulting because I've seen first-hand how a few critical decisions can quickly transform teams and projects so they enjoy increased productivity, decreased frustration, and maximized ROI.

While I think of myself as a technology generalist, I have extensive expertise with web development using current and emerging technologies including:

Ruby • Rails • Elixir • Phoenix • Elm • Docker • Git • JavaScript • HTML & CSS

Of course, these are merely some of the raw materials of modern-day web development. Tools alone never make or break a software project. What matters far more is the practices and approaches used to develop software in an agile, yet robust, manner.

Get Experience On Your Side

Over the past 20 years I've helped teams deliver successful projects. I'd love to help your team as well!

Technology Adoption

Software technology changes fast. The good news is that you have a lot of options. The bad news is that you have a lot of options. And while the latest language, framework, or library may claim to solve all your problems, will it deliver? When it comes to assessing what's right for your project, there are many factors to consider. I'll help you navigate the waters and make choices that align with your goals and the skills of your team.

Architecture & Design Review

Let's face it, a software project isn't as much a marathon as it is an obstacle course. Sadly, not every project crosses the finish line. But successful teams know the secret to staying on track: tight feedback loops. Identify potential problems early, and you can change course to avoid costly pitfalls. I'll review your designs from all the angles with an eye for simplicity, scalability, and maintainability. You'll get timely recommendations that drive architecturally-sound solutions.

Mentoring & Coaching

Technical mentorship to developers can make a huge difference in terms of their immediate challenges. As well, it's a great way to grow a solid development team for the long term. As their learning curve accelerates, so too will their productivity. I'll work alongside your developers as an experienced mentor, helping them stay current and become self-reliant.

Project & Build Automation

Are you consistently building, testing, and deploying your software in a single step? If not, you're missing out on the many benefits of continuous integration and delivery. Let's fix that! We'll make it easy to repeatably ship your code with confidence and automate other critical procedures that need to be run consistently.

About Mike

For the past 20 years I've been a software developer, sharing what I know through consulting and training. I've worked in areas as diverse as aerospace, telecommunications, financial services, and Internet commerce. I have a Computer Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

But fundamentally I'm passionate about helping smart people find elegant, creative ways to solve complex problems. It's part of my intensely curious nature.

I'd be delighted to have the opportunity to help out on your project!


“Mike was able to quickly come up to speed and become an integral part of our team. Mike handled every challenge he was assigned with dedication and very high productivity. Mike's feedback during design sessions made our products that much better and helped expand the knowledge of developers on our team. Without reservation, I recommend Clarkware to organizations seeking expert architecture and design skills, very strong technical skills, and professionalism of the highest caliber.”

Mike Fontenot, VP Software Development, BrandMatrix Ltd.

“All too often, you don't hear both sides of a consulting story. Usually you hear the consultants say this was a successful project, or this project uses such and such technology and this was impossible otherwise without it, etc. You really have no idea if the project was succesful from the customer's perspective.

This is the first completely positive consulting experience we have ever had. Mike and James Duncan Davidson did a killer job building our online store using Ruby on Rails. They were reliable and flexible. They brought up issues that we didn't think of, and they handled problems quickly with great dedication. When you hire smart, hard working people, everything is easier.

“But please don't hire Mike Clark. I hope to keep him busy until retirement. ”

Willie Abrams, VP Software Development, VitalSource Technologies

“Mike provides superior solutions to complex architectures, and can implement these solutions more effectively than anyone I know. He is always up to date on the latest development methods, produces outstanding quality in all facets of his work, communicates his recommendations and technical expertise with clarity, and inspires our team with his total project commitment. He is an extremely hard working consultant and meets every challenge we present.”

Rod Everson, General Manager, Harland Delivery Systems

“Mike was a key part of our product development team. His rare ability to work at many different levels of abstraction, combined with his total command of technologies, was exactly what we needed. The consistent high quality of his work and his extraordinary productivity made working with Mike a pleasure.”

Chuck Palczak, Technology Manager, Precise Software Solutions

Mike is a fully-integrated part of our success story. He has multiple talents. Not only is he technically strong in many software disciplines, but his great personality allows him to play a sincere role in software areas such as team motivation and management, and development methodologies.”

Tor Nielsen, IT Director, IHS Energy

Let's Talk


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